The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in all sectors of people's lives. In the year since the WHO announced that Covid-19 was a pandemic, 114 million people all over the world have been infected and 2.5 million people have died. More than that, the pandemic has also caused various socio-cultural problems that modern society has never faced before. All fields including politics, the economy, culture, education, religion and the media are facing significant changes that threaten the old order that has been enjoyed so far. With the introduction of a new-normal life guide in Indonesia, there have been many accompanying economic and socio-cultural changes. Society is faced with a new life order that has never been experienced before.

             The conditions of the world community are integrated with each other through the development of digital technology providing solutions as well as challenges in the pandemic era. Communication systems that are now increasingly integrated and connected quickly, providing easy access to information to solve various pandemic challenges. Even so, problems that have their roots in the pre-existing social, political and economic systems have also been brought into play in the settlement of the Covid-19 problem. This condition exacerbates the efforts to contain the pandemic because crucial issues concerning health are mixed with contemporary issues such as political fragmentation, economic gaps, environmental issues, and many more. This shows that a pandemic must not only be seen as a health issue but also as a complex problem that requires cooperation from various fields.

             The changes and challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic must be accompanied by the ability of the academic world to catch up through discussions, research and publications. Its function is to find answers and solutions to the complexities that society has following the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in Universitas Airlangga held the 7th International Conference on Contemporary Social and Political Affairs in 2021 with the theme "Building Resilience and Cohesion during the Pandemic." The main objective of this event is none other than supporting the varied discourses and sharing innovative thoughts on the various current issues centered around Covid-19 among social, political and humanities science academics.